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Mr. Done Right - Don Fenton - is fair and honest with a stellar reputation for over 20 years!

Thank you for considering Mr. Done Right for your handyman and contractor needs!

We are often asked about our pricing structure, so since we are very straightforward with our business model, honesty, and delivery to our customers, I thought I would go ahead and post some basic pricing information here for you.

We generally work in 2 or 3-man teams, depending on the job at hand.

Special projects and larger projects may require a little different calculation, but for the most part, here is what we charge:

  • Estimates: FREE verbal estimates; in the case you need a written estimate for insurance or other, we bill by the hour.
  • For the fist hour of work: $165
  • 1st Person is $65
  • For each additional worker needed: $35/hr

EXAMPLE:  If a job requires 4 hours of work by a 2-man team:

  • $165 (1st hour)  +  ( ($65 + $35 [2 people]=$100)  x  3 hrs = $300 ) =
    • $165 + $300 = $465.00

EXAMPLE:  If a job requires 8 hours of work by a 3-man team:

  • ($165 (1st hour)  +  ( ($65 + $35 + $35) = $135 [3 people]) )  x  7 hrs )  =
    • $165 + $945 = $1,110.00

We charge all materials as a straight pass-through cost to you, the customer.  We often times will be able to get a discount on materials because of the volume of work we do, and we pass those savings on to you as well.

Your satisfaction comes first and we guarantee you will love our high-quality profession work.

Please give us a call for an Estimate or with any questions.


Thank you!



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